Cathy Smart – Executive Headteacher
Laura Willcocks – Deputy Headteacher
Rachel Dean – Inclusion Manager
Charlotte Coppenhall – Head of Foundation & Key Stage 1
Duane Brooks – Head of Upper Key Stage 2
********** – Head of Lower Key Stage 2
Jose Gomes – Head of Key Stage 3
Andy Bick – Head of English
Jane Walker – Head of Teaching & Learning
Pauline Norris – Finance & Business Manager

Inclusion Teachers:
Mrs Vivien Criddle (Art at BMS)
Mrs Sally Topple (Art at BMS)


Mr A Bick English Co-ordinator
Mr P Griffiths Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs M Ray (part-time) French Co-ordinator
Mr L James (part-time) Music Co-ordinator
Mr S Wilkinson Yr 6 class teacher
Mr J Gomes K/S 3 Leader, PE
Mr A Swain K/S 2 Leader, SCI Leader
Mr Sean Lawrence KS2
Ake Ouaguena French cover for Miss V Carrington Yr 5 class teacher
Ms C Henson Yr 6 class teacher
Mr D Brooks Yr 6 Class teacher
Mrs R Dean SENCO
Ms L Curzon Class teacher
Vivien Crick PPG teacher
Sally Topple Art teacher

Mrs K Inkersole HLTA
Ms J Loveday Clerical Assistant
Mrs L Cox Clerical Assistant
Mrs B Ritson Clerical Assistant