Private Hire/Lettings

The Federation welcome external hirers to use the facilities at Potton Lower School and Potton Middle School.

The Federations Safeguarding policy must be consulted and followed when dealing with external organisations that work with children or young people.

All hirers must state the purpose of the hire. The purpose of each application for hire will be checked and any concerns over the nature of the letting or gathering will be reported to the Executive Headteacher before approval is given.

The Federation will contact the Access and Referral Hub if they suspect a letting or gathering has been used for political purpose, not previously authorised by the Headteacher. The dissemination of inappropriate material of other purposes which could be reportable under the new statutory prevent duties or which contravene current legislation in any way.

Considering applications for lettings the executive Headteacher, or delegated officer, will decide on the approval of the application with consideration to:

  • Interference with school activities – priority at all times should be given to school functions
  • The availability of facilities
  • The availability of staff to open and close the premises
  • The Federations Safeguarding Policy Health & Safety considerations in relation to the number of users, type of activity, qualifications of instructors etc.
  • Type of activity and our duty with regard to the prevention of terrorism and radicalisation
  • Adequacy of management procedures in place during the hire
  • Appropriateness of the letting and whether it is deemed compatible with the ethos of the Federation

The hire charges and letting procedures are in the process of being finalised, but if you would like to make an enquiry regarding either site please contact:

Potton Lower:
Potton Middle:

Lettings take place outside of school hours. Parking is available on site.