Hola Mexico!

A few of the teachers got a bit of a shock in the staffroom on Monday morning, when they were confronted not only by Mr Wilkinson sporting an impressive Mexican moustache, but also by Mr Brooks in full ‘Day of the Dead’ style face paint! It was then lovely – and perhaps a little unnerving – to open the school gates, and be greeted by hordes of excited Mexicans!

 After working so hard on their SATs in the lead up to half term, it has been great to see Year 6 relaxing a little and enjoying the start of their new ‘Hola Mexico!’ topic. In between all the nachos and churros, the children have begun learning about the Day of the Dead, and I’m really looking forward to reading some of the written work that is produced over the next few weeks. Parents – as always – thank you so much for supporting the project launch; there has been a real buzz in the Year 6 classrooms this week!