PMS Sports Relief

A massive thank you to everyone at PMS who donated to our Sport Relief fundraising events last term.


The most successful event was the staff vs KS3 basketball match. Students got to vote who was on the teacher’s team by voting with their money! The highest totals meant that Mr Brooks, Mr Bick, Mr Ballard, Mr Griffiths and Mrs Chamberlain were the five who would play against the KS3 basketball team. Students then were able to come and watch the classic match and cheer on the teams, it was such good fun and very well attended! This event alone raised £114.00!


We held other fundraising events too, this included pay and play table tennis and belly rounders where students made a 50p donation. Also, the whole school came in for a day in sports clothing for a £1 donation.


For our final event we held a silent disco. For a £1 donation students could hire a pair of headphones and request songs to listen to. This proved very popular and fun was had by all with some fabulous singing and dancing on show!


We battled on the basketball court, flopped around playing belly rounder’s and danced and sang to our hearts content on the dancefloor to raise a phenomenal £782.17 across the Potton Federation.