Potton Town Council – Youth Council

This week, we were very fortunate to have a visit from two of the Potton Town Council representatives: Carol and John. They spoke to the whole school about the new Youth Council that is being launched this year. This council aims to give young people a voice, they will have the chance to make a difference within the town by making suggestions and discussing the things they would like to see, or have access to in Potton. Some suggestions that came out of assembly included: more litter bins, more pedestrian crossings, goal nets in the park and even extra sport activities!

Initially the council are looking for about twelve children and young people to create the Youth Council and, while they will be present, the adults are not part of the council: they are simply facilitators and there to provide guidance if necessary.

If your child would like to be part of the Youth Council, they need to come and see me for a form. Once filled in, they can hand it back to me and I will pass it on to the Town Council. The deadline for applications will be Monday 23rd March 2020.

Please let me know if you have any more questions! This sounds like a really exciting opportunity!

Miss Carrington