Proposed Bad Weather – Information from Central Bedfordshire

Please see the message below that schools have received from Central Bedfordshire Council regarding their bad weather policy and processes.

‘With the Met Office advising us of upcoming snow, we thought this would be the best time to clarify our bad weather policy and processes.

Our website ( has a lot of information about schools and transport during bad weather. If a school decides to close and notifies the councils SOS system, he list of open or closed schools are available here:

The school transport team also has a page dedicated to bad weather, where parents can find a list of all of our mainstream routes and the telephone numbers of transport providers:

This page also contains a link to the school closures page.

Our telephone system will provide a message which will be played 24hours a day alerting parents of any information that we have regarding cancelled routes or delayed journey times. Please call 0300 300 8339. We aim to have a message recorded of any cancelled routes by 7am on any snow day; but this can only be achieved if we receive information from schools and contractors in good time.

 Please use the 8339 main line number or duty emergency number ONLY.

In the event of snow, the decision whether transport will run will be down to the individual contractor. If they feel it would be unsafe to run a route then we go with their decision and we would not overturn it’.

We hope you find this information useful.