Random Acts of Kindness

In class this week, I have been working with my Year 5 pupils on random acts of kindness. We’ve been discussing how much nicer our school, community and world would be if we did little things to brighten one another’s day. These have included leaving kind messages, doing a favour for someone without being asked or simply just being there for people who may not be feeling their best. The children have discussed about the positive impact this may have on others around us and how it can almost change the mood and tone of a place just by working together in a kind way. As a teacher it has been lovely to see but then it has got me thinking – how often am I showing this in my day-to-day life? And how often do I see others showing this?

In our school, we teach our children the values and qualities to be good, caring adults and I am certain that this will continue to ripple out into the wider community. In a world where we all have to balance so many things and move at an incredibly fast pace, small acts of kindness to others can feel like they are pushed further and further down the to-do list. Some of the children have mentioned to me how negative the news today is and how lovely it would be to see more examples of kindness happening in the world. It can be quite easy to fixate on the negative things and this can grind you down, but how much better would the world be if we focused on the positive things, the little things that cause a smile?

So I am striving to lead by example and join with my class in doing something once a day to make some else’s day happier. From helping someone carry their shopping, leaving a note for a colleague to smile at and even buying someone a cake on Sunday who looked like they needed some cheering up, these little things have hopefully put a smile on people’s faces and have also lifted my mood.

Someone once said “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”, and I am proud to know that every pupil in my class shows this daily.