‘Respect’ Values Champion

Our school value for October was Respect and today KS2 celebrated the champions for this month. Throughout October, the children have been learning about and demonstrating ‘respect’, both in the classroom and around as a whole. Children are selected as ‘Values Champion’ for demonstrating ‘respect’ consistently and prominently within their class. Choosing a values champion is always a difficult task for the KS2 teachers but this month, in Year 5, Harriet Barham (Stevens), Isabelle Peck (Riddell) and Ellie Reid Elphinstone were awarded for demonstrating respect. Similarly, in Year 6, Alfie Marshall (Torday), Harry Watters (Edge) and Grace Bird (Evans) were also selected as our champions this month.

These six children will be rewarded for their hard work by having ‘Hot Chocolate with the Head’, much to the envy of all the KS2 teachers!

Well done to all our champions!