The Romans are Invading!

Our Year 4 topic is, I am Warrior! The children have been engaged in researching facts about the Roman Soldiers and Celtic Warriors. At the start of the term they designed a Roman shield to protect themselves in gruesome battles which they particularly enjoyed. In the picture below you can see the children recreating a ‘tortoise’ formation that the Romans used when defending themselves on the battlefield. This week we have been learning about Soliloquys and across the year group the standard of writing has been outstanding. Here are some quotes from the children’s soliloquys.

‘ Tomorrow I shall paint my face with woad so my eyes glare and my teeth shine white. I can feel the sweat dripping down my spine and hear the screams of the Romans.’

‘As the sun slowly starts to fall I can hear the cold wind blowing on my tent. I start to think of the battle ahead and my belly feels like a hurricane.’

‘I taste victory, tomorrow I will cross the hill and fight. I have witnessed the horrible things the Romans have done to Boudicca. But she will be the one who will make it rain the Romans blood!’