Think Before You Drink!


A recent review into energy drinks and their effects on the body has found they seriously damage your physical and mental health.

The caffeine and sugar laden drinks can cause mental health problems like anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity, kidney damage, fatigue and even encourage risk-seeking behaviour.

Energy drinks often also have higher levels of sugar than soft drinks. On average a 500ml energy drink will contain 12 teaspoons of sugar. According to government figures, sugared energy drinks have 60{77de04661a442b1d297de56c9a16c03a19f876b4f4f0d775bb2c3f19b0965859} more calories and 65{77de04661a442b1d297de56c9a16c03a19f876b4f4f0d775bb2c3f19b0965859} more sugar than normal soft drinks with sugar being one of the largest causes of obesity.

In tackling this sales of energy drinks to children under 16 have been banned in most major UK supermarkets. Though energy drinks are banned in school we encourage all pupils to avoid energy drinks all together.