TOMORROW (09.07.2021) – Euros non-uniform day

RE: TOMORROW – Euros non-uniform day

Dear Parents and carers,

After a turbulent 18 months living with COVID-19, the return of sporting fixtures such as Euro 2020 and Wimbledon has been a welcome respite for many of us, enabling families and friends to unite in a celebration of sport.

Although in school we tend to think of sport as the domain of PE lessons, it can also provide a topical and relatable framework for cross-curricular discussion around ideas such as teamwork, resilience and leadership.

This term, we have been focusing on the skills and values that children can learn through sports. The excitement in the classroom around the Euros is providing an ideal opportunity to learn about positive values.

As a celebration of this, we would like to hold a Euros themed non-uniform ‘party’ day tomorrow. I apologise for the late notice of this, but as an avid football fan myself the atmosphere across school this week has been something I cannot ignore and this is a request that has come from the children. Therefore, we would love for your child to come in the colours of the team of their choice from the Euros, and we will spend the day united in a celebration of sport. As a one-off, we will also allow football shirts, including club, country or the team your child plays for, hair spray, waistcoats and face paint. Please participate in the way that is easiest and most comfortable for your child, and as always, this is optional.
We are all very excited about the final, and tomorrow we will celebrate a fantastic tournament and the unity that this has brought to the nation.

Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely

Charlotte Coppenhall
Interim Headteacher
The Potton Federation

(‘It’s coming home!’)