Voice and Values Committee at PLS


Voice and Values Committee Spring term.

With a very relaxed approach to the second half of the spring term it soon got busy for the Voice and Values Committee with them undergoing new initiatives in school, a very important meeting with an Ofsted Inspector and raising money for the charity Sports Relief.  It has to be said though that they tackled every task in hand with enthusiasm and maturity and did themselves and the school very proud.

Our first job of the half term was to enrol in a new school initiative for road safety. This involves ensuring that children and parents of the school are aware of the current laws regarding car seats and transport, focussing on children’s height to begin with. The Voice and Values Committee had began to do this starting in the Year 3 classes, where these children were gently introduced to car seat awareness by measuring themselves, it was hoped that they then could relate this information with the current law surrounding car seats to see if the children could identify whether they legally still need to use a booster seat when travelling in a car.

The Voice and Values Committee played an important role when we were inspected by Ofsted too, the children met with the Ofsted Inspector. I was later informed that they did themselves and the rest of the school proud and it was commented on how cheerful, friendly and polite all the children were!

The biggest fundraising mission to date organised by the Voice and Values Committee was something that had never been done by the school before. Along with the organisation MindFit the Voice and Value Committee organised a virtual challenge, the challenge was to see if the children of Potton Lower school could work together to virtually run to Big Ben in London and back again during the course of the afternoon, covering a distance of 100 miles in aid of the charity Sports Relief.

So, On Friday 13th March (which terrified some!) the children helped Simon and Alyssa of Mindfit count balls that could be used as a gauge to distances covered and organised a schedule so that each class were informed of what time they had to be on the field to take their part in the challenge. The committee also informed staff members of the role they wished them to play in the event and made posters and arranged for messages to be sent home to make parents and carers aware of what they were trying to achieve. The children asked the pupils of Potton Lower to come to school dressed in sports clothes, encouraging them to come dressed in clothes that they would wear to participate in that sport (such as a football strip of the team they play for) they asked for a suggested donation of £1 to do this.

The event was an amazing success and finished with a grand finale of the whole school on the playground   doing a fun cool down led by Simon and Alyssa, not only did they school achieve their goal of running to Big Ben and back once, they in fact mange to do it twice over which thrilled everyone! Along with the super efforts of our friends in Potton Middle School the Voice and Values Committee helped raise £782.17 for the charity.

Well done !

Mrs Darlow