Year 3 Topic Work

As Year 3 come towards the end of their topic ‘Flow’ we have been busy consolidating what we have learnt, and designing and making river fact file leaflets in literacy. Yesterday the children were very excited to learn about the differences between river and marine dolphins and produced some fantastic topic work all about them. The children have also started to bring in some of their home learning projects which are on display in the Year 3 corridor.

Some of Woodpeckers have enjoyed particular aspects of the topic ‘Flow’.

Scott Farrant- ‘I’ve really enjoyed learning about Flow. It’s been really fun!’

Billy Larham- ‘I like the topic Flow because I’ve learnt about rivers that I hadn’t heard of before I know now that river dolphins live in the Amazon.’

Imogen West- ‘I’ve enjoyed learning about the different parts of the river. I thought a river was just a river before. Now I know it has lots of different parts.’