Transition to Upper School

The Local Authority are responsible for the Upper School admissions procedure, and issue information on this to schools and parents. The Middle School share information on progress and attainment, attendance and special educational needs of individual pupils with the middle schools prior to a pupils transition.

We have asked our Year 8 cohort if they felt prepared for Upper School. Most believed that their teachers and/or family helped them to prepare by addressing worries, reassuring and encouraging them, explaining what to expect and how Upper School works, and by giving advice and tips on how to cope at their new school.

At Potton Middle we manage the transition process by giving the children the following opportunities.

  • Information booklets
  • Open evenings/days
  • Talks from the Upper School teachers to the Middle School
  • Transition days during Year 8 to ensure that the children are familiar with the Upper School and can sample lessons
  • To help curriculum continuity we use bridging materials where the same planning and exercise books are used across all Year 8 feeder Middle School and then forwarded to the Upper School.
  • There is also sharing of information on the skills and understanding pupils have achieved and on the style of lessons, for example, through the visits made by Year 9 teachers to Year 8 classrooms to watch the class work and talk to individual pupils.