Potton Prefects



Potton Middle School provides many opportunities for young people to develop leadership and representation skills, and we entrust pupils with responsibilities that aim to nurture their strengths and abilities. Formal pupil leadership (School Council and a Prefect System) provides important benefits for both the pupil and the school. Prefects have the potential to influence the school environment and the behaviour of their fellow pupils by becoming advocates for positive change in the school community. It has been proven that when children actively participate in leadership in school life, and their ideas and opinions are listened to and valued, they feel respected and encouraged to make further contributions.

The benefits to the school and the pupils include:

  • Developed communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Improved academic performance for students involved.
  • Greater commitment to the school’s ethos from the wider student body.
  • Positive influences on the atmosphere and culture of the school.
  • A strengthened school spirit and sense of camaraderie.
  • Increased co-operation from all pupils.
  • A network of support for the pupil body.

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