The Potton Federation’s Safeguarding Policy aims to provide clear direction with regards to expected codes of behaviour in dealing with child protection issues. The policy also aims to make explicit the Federation’s commitment to the development of good practice and sound procedures.

The purpose of the policy is, therefore, to ensure that child protection concerns and referrals are handled sensitively, professionally and in ways that support the needs of the child. The Potton Federation follows the definition for Safeguarding॓ adopted by Ofsted which they summarise as follows:

  • protecting children from maltreatment
  • preventing the impairment of children’s health or development
  • ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
  • undertaking that role so as to enable those children to have optimum life chances and enter adulthood successfully

We are aware that because of the day-to-day contact with the children, Potton Federation staff are well placed to observe the outward signs of harm. We will, therefore, continue to develop and maintain an environment where children feel secure, are encouraged to talk, and are listened to. In support of our vision statement we will ensure that children know that there are designated adults in the school whom they can approach if they are worried about any issues, whether it be related to their school life or life outside of school.

Our designated Lead Professionals in this area are:

Cathy Smart, Executive Headteacher

Charlotte Coppenhall, Acting Deputy Headteacher

Pete Griffiths – Head of Key stage 3 and Head of Key Stage 3 Maths

Phil Adams – Head of Lower Key Stage 2 and Head of Key Stage 2 Maths

Duane Brooks – Head of Pastoral Care

Karen Monaghan – Pastoral Assistant  

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (CBC policy) 2020