The school has come alive with the sound of music this week!

All around the school this week, music and the most incredible singing has been coming from every single classroom. I was fortunate enough to be invited into Flamingos class today, where I enjoyed listening to them singing their hearts out! I love this time of year, as everyone wants to show off their class singing talents.  In the hall, I have particularly enjoyed listening to Tarzan rehearsals, and I know the performance is going to be very special. I have been lucky this week and I have managed to grab two assembly slots, meaning double singing this week! The children absolutely amazed me, and they are practising so hard for our upcoming ‘Movie Magic Proms in the Playground’. We have also been practising our Proms songs in Starlings classroom, and the children have learned the words really well.

The school choir have finished the week in style, singing with great enthusiasm and passion. The windows were open and the parents could hear them at the other end of the playground! I took a photo of them whilst they were belting out ‘This is Me’.

 I’m so proud of every child in the school for their enthusiastic and beautiful singing.

 Well done!

Miss Coppenhall