Mindfulness in School

Since the start of this term we have been practicing the art of mindfulness. The development of mindfulness in the classroom arms our children with lifelong skills that support their current and future mental health and well-being. Mindfulness can be defined as the mental state achieved by focusing on the present moment while also accepting our feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. Studies have shown that childhood mindfulness development has numerous positive benefits. Some of these include stress relief, mental focus, deepening social skills, better sleep and improved decision- making skills.

 During my walk around school, I managed to stop and discuss mindfulness with some Year Four pupils. Here is what they had to say about their mindfulness in their classroom:

 “Mindfulness helps you to focus on learning”

“It’s a way to calm down and make you feel relaxed”

“Mindfulness is good because if someone gets really angry they can use it to calm themselves”

“It makes you smarter because you can focus on your learning more”

 The children were then asked how and where they could be mindfulness. They suggested in the playground, at home, during quiet reading or anywhere they can complete their breathing exercises. All the children thought time spent being mindful was helping them and they really enjoyed it.

 We are continuing to develop mindfulness across all classrooms and will keep you updated on the progress.


Mr Hodgson